Executive Coaching & Consulting

When I'm not on a stage singing or teaching bravery principles, I also work 1-on-1 with an exclusive selection of decision-makers who want to grow their company and career with courageous leadership.

I don't work with everyone, so please book a pro-bono inquiry call if you think you're up for a life-altering challenge.

My main subjects of expertise are:

  • bravery in the boardroom
  • courageous creativity & productivity
  • friction-free audience growth
  • customer-centric marketing
  • self-publishing your career's next frontier

Together, we can practice true bravery...

Double Your Revenue & Clientele

Conquer Your Fear of New Technology

Write & Release Bestselling Books

Plan & Start "The Next Big Thing"

Execute & Launch a Website Revamp

Eradicate Procrastination & Impostor's Syndrome

Transition Into a Completely New Career or Business Model

Automate & Optimize Insanely Successful Marketing Strategies

Successfully Navigate a Chronic Illness Without Sacrificing Goals

Replace "That One Client" With Your "Dream Client"


What's your feat of bravery?

please note: my schedule fills up fast, if there is time available, I recommend booking it now.

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    “Emily Ann, you’re amazing! I learned so much and have literally wasted thousands and thousands on other online courses which made so many promises that were not kept. I learned more truly impactful ways to improve my business in an hour with you than I have with others over the course of several months!

    You know your stuff inside and out and provide a truly customized experience with a business owner’s specific needs. I came away with ideas to tweak what I’m doing that will have a financial impact on my business. Emily Ann is easy and fun to talk to all while getting straight down to business! Mind blowing!”

    founder of JLN Cosmetics

  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    “She has a focused yet graceful way of getting straight to the point, fluff not included. Offering value catered exclusively to me and my personal needs, we deciphered my mission, constructed a plan, and found actionable baby-steps for me to take - all within an hour session. Emily Ann Peterson is the real deal.”


  • Peterson Resilience Consulting

    “Emily Ann Peterson is a rare combination of inspiration and practical execution. Not your typical consultant, coach or singer-songwriter, for sure! She has a gift of seeing things and figuring out systems to see them through.”

    brand strategist & coach