Our World Is Swimming in Fear

The stakes are higher than ever. But fear-based decision-making sends us on a trajectory of stagnancy and loss.

  • Walking on egg shells.
  • Lawsuits & Legal Nightmares
  • Corporate Waste & Profit Margins
  • Aching to Feel Confident
  • Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Depression
  • Lost Opportunities to Competition

Life-Changing, Courage-Centric Keynotes & Workshops

 Audiences leave feeling stronger, more confident, and ready to take on their next feat of bravery with.

"I figured it ALL out tonight! Thank you!"

- Laura, attendee

"You connected with the audience so smoothly and with such humor!"

- Kalen, attendee

"It is an evening well-spent when you get music and laughter in the same vein."

- JR, attendee

"You blew my socks off and they are now yours, along with my heart!"

- Carrie, attendee

"All I could say after the last note was 'WOW!'"

- Tom, attendee

"Creativity is Re-birth. Creativity is liberation! I really needed to hear that!"

- Carol, attendee

"Your will to express your soul inspires me to share mine too."

- Bethany, attendee

"So well organized! Phenomenal and so inspiring. Thank you!"

- Shelley, attendee


“It was a wonderful session and touched on so much that is happening in my life. It brought up feelings that I didn't know I was suppressing.

I am sooo glad I was able to join.

Thanks to everyone that had something to do with the event.”


SunTrust Bank


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"Emily Ann’s storytelling is authentic, moving and highly engaging."

- Akshay Nanavati, author of Fearvana

What makes Emily Ann Peterson so different?

You're not hosting an event for cute anecdotes and run-of-the-mill slide-decks. Your conference, festival, or corporate event exists for so much more than that. Good thing too. Emily Ann shows her audience, by example, that using fear creatively is the ONLY way to becoming truly brave.

Thousands of attendees across the US will agree that Emily Ann's presence -- in words and song -- left a significant impact on their daily lives, careers, and creativity.

Your event should leave your audience with a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will want them coming back for more. Our team has seen countless times over that music has an uncanny ability to  crack open the hardest of hearts, especially that person sitting in the very last row in the back. You want to know something about that back-row attendee?

A standard power-point presentation and motivational speaker will likely not engage your back-row attendee. They're too tired, too distracted, too far away. Maybe they woke up late. Maybe they had a really stressful week. Or maybe they are not-so-secretly looking for a socially acceptable place to continuously check their phone.

If you want every single seat in your audience to represent an attendee who is fully-inspired and ready-to-knock-the-socks-off-the-world, then booking Emily Ann Peterson is the answer to your event's needs. 

Peterson Resilience Consulting

“I received INCREDIBLE feedback. I got so many emails and even had teammates I passed in the hall who made comments. Thank you again!”

GVP, Enterprise Operational Risk & Inclusion at SunTrust Bank

Peterson Resilience Consulting

“One thing the world needs is courageous, humble people who do what it takes to make a difference. Emily Ann is one of those people, a young woman with an inspiring story and welcoming approach.”

founder, Speak Up For The Poor

Peterson Resilience Consulting

“Whether you're dealing with illness, loss, pain, or struggle these concepts can help you make it through. Emily Ann teaches you to be brave when you need it the most.”

CEO, 707Ave

Meet Emily Ann Peterson

A career-halting diagnosis of a degenerative neurological hand tremor sent former cellist, now author and singer-songwriter, on a pursuit of the true meaning of bravery. This quest found her hosting a top-rated podcast and later publishing a bestselling book from the common threads of those interviews told in a self-help memoir titled Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous.

Fortune500 companies, executives, and tech startups seek out her expertise as a consultant in creative courage, entrepreneurship, and growth strategy. Fans and audience members can find a place to belong online in The School of Bravery, a learning lab for life, career, and creativity--founded by Peterson in 2018 and teaches students how to prepare, launch, and recover from their own seasons of bravery.

Read more about Emily Ann's story here.


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